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Custom Orders

Did you know we create custom cookies to match your unique needs? 

We have created cookies for hundreds of events - including weddings, first birthdays, holidays and many more special occasions. In order to create your special set - we'll need to grab a few details! Also please review our packages and pricing guide below before placing your order. 


Custom Cookies

Regular sized cookies (3.5-4 inches) start at $72 per dozen for basic designs and go up from there. Multiple designs, colors, writing, airbrushing, metallics etc will increase the price. Please be as thorough as possible on the request form to get an accurate quote.

Minimum order: 2 dozen


Custom Cookie Pricing

Custom Cookies


Mini cookies (~2 inches) start at $36 per dozen for basic designs and go up from there. Please keep in mind that mini cookies will have a more basic design than regular sized cookies due to lack of surface area.

Minimum order: 2 dozen

Custom Cookies


Printed cookies start at $60 per dozen for basic prints and increase accordingly.  Not all images are a good fit for printing. Please fill out the form below for more information and to see if your order has the possibility for printing.

Pricing does not apply to character/logo cookies

Regular sized cookies are 3.5-4 inches. Mini cookies are approximately 2 inches.

All regular sized cookies come individually sealed in clear bags

Minis are sealed in groups of 4-6 in clear bags unless otherwise requested

Bows and/or custom tags can be added for an additional $6/dozen



Cookie Cakes

Sweet meringue-based confection

Simple buttercream border & sprinkles 

Our custom cookie cakes are 10 inches, can feed 8-16, and start at $35 for a simple buttercream border, writing, and sprinkles.

These are base prices for basic cookie cakes. Please submit a request below for a more accurate quote

Cookie cakes come packaged in a bakery box


Macarons from our daily selection in the case:

$2.85 ea

$33 dozen

$16 1/2 dozen

Custom macaron orders have a minimum order of 2 dozen and pricing is dependent on many factors. Please fill out the form below for an accurate quote and up to date flavor list.

Macarons are packaged in a bakery box, but can be packaged as favors at an additional cost


Cakes & Cupcakes

We offer a variety of cake shapes, sizes, and flavors for any occasion. Please call the store or put in a custom order request for availability and accurate pricing.

Custom Order Request

If you cannot select a date, that date is fully booked.

If you need shipping please provide the shipping address in description box below

There is a 2 dozen minimum for decorated cookies

Upload File

Your request has been sent!

Please note: This is a request for an order and not a guarantee.

The date may not be available even if it shows that it is on the calendar. 

If the date is available, someone will get back to you via email within 7 days with

either a quote or a request for more information so we can get you an accurate quote.

There are no refunds for cancellations but you may transfer to another date if it is available. You can respond directly to the email chain established for your order if you have any questions or need to make any changes. If you have any questions regarding pricing/policies prior to putting in your order request, you can email us at

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